global hackathon @ Wipro Digital on 22–23 Feb | Bangalore | Pune | London

It was day as usual (boring, i mean), i was coding & listening to stan by eminem:

(no need of posting lyrics, i know! :P )

then surfing the internet i reached an article about other companies having hackathons and wondered why do we @Wipro Digital don’t have hackathons? (we had one in October but i wasn’t able to join that time)….

then suddenly (t’din… new email sound) an email from HR, what did it say? We’re having a Hackathon. Like, seriously! how did she know i’m thinking about the hackathon, was i happy? i was jumping (not really, but yes i was.)

well, that email was for people who wanted to help in organizing, okay! cool…let’s see what’s going on, joined the Organizer’s slack channel.

Me to myself:

First Thing, Where are all the details? Pinned as a post! why? this can’t be true, we need a website! who is going to make one? that too in a very short time? i guess i should give it a try.

….cut short, took my one day effort(my insomnia helped me this time) and ended up with a microsite having all the necessary details about our this time ‘Global’ Hackathon.

next thing, the day!

Show time | 22–23 Feb:

I had a lot of project work || had one exam to appear for | | wanted to be a part of this hackathon.

Me to myself (again!): what to do? what not to do? what to do? what not to do? Let’s try doing it all (yes! i’m insane).

Spent all the day at project, reached our lovely pod at 8:30PM and Organizers (The Organizers!) were setting things up….

L: Team Designit M: Tekken (need i say more?); R: Team @buildit

Phase 1: ‘Bazinga’ moment!

As it all started with Teams from Pune, London(remember, it’s global!) & Bangalore were presenting their unique ideas, my idea; my unique Idea; was not actually unique anymore. 3 Teams(including me) had the same thing as an idea. Next Step? what to do?

listening to each other’s ideas!

Everyone had already come up with a team & i needed one, well… i needed an idea as well.

Me to myself:

let’s make a team….. and choose an idea. Took me 1 minute, got 4 more guys & formed a team, also got an idea to work upon…

Phase 2: Team Zombies@work!

As we started, our Designit guy, Deepak started with designing (that guy is lightning fast), i started with settings things up for our UI, Two other guys from my team started working on backend & one Teammate guided everyone of us.

Shweta got us lots of food and i thought people might go for a power nap at least, but no! it was past midnight and no one was feeling sleepy (no! we didn’t drink redbull), it was 3 A.M. still no one was sleepy, I came outside and everyone from all the teams were too busy @work….

Left: Pune guys found a place to sit, after a lot of struggle, M & R: Teams from Bangalore (with beautiful smiles)
Left: Team & I , M: Team abducted all the Bean bags, R: London Team (Guy in blue looks cute)

Good Morning! | 23 - Feb:

It was 7AM & nobody looked sleepy…wait! i missed something

@2AM , Supreet Singh called us outside of our caves and interviewed us, yes! interviewed us; and it was fun.

Back to story, It was 7AM & nobody looked sleepy, they were working as if the day had just started, i checked outside and 2 teams had already left, thinking we need some sleep, i asked my team and everyone said, NO!. “wow”, i replied.
So, at last we agreed to go home, bathe(we had no deo) & come back in.

We were back from our homes refreshed, The day had already started at wipro digital’s pod, people started visiting different teams to know what we all were upto, time was running & Lunch Time; Shweta called us up for Lunch.

People were sleepy, we were done with our code(working code :P ) and started making a keynote, This time the teammate who was guiding us the whole night did all the work. we prepared how we’ll present and time started running faster.

Setting up for presentations

Showtime & winners!

We started with presentations, one after another followed by different type of doubts & questions. All the teams showed what beautiful ideas they had put life into (in last 24 hours) and then we started with voting, it took us another hour to complete with the votings, and we packed up around 11PM, yes! you read that right!
I reached home @11:30 PM after 40+ hours of working, enjoying & learning.

did i miss something? oops! the winners…. Ladies ‘n Gentlemen, here i present to you, the winning Team.

any Guesses?

Team Zombies.

Yes, We Won! our last minute idea won us this Hackathon.

Moreover, i met new people, collaborated & learned from them

& after reaching home i fell on bed ‘n don’t remember anything else.

Now I’m waiting for the next Hack Day, Hack Day 3.0

Let me know how many cups of coffee did you finish while reading this…

: Prabhsimran Singh | Full Stack Guy @ Wipro Digital

as a kid I wanted to grow up, that hasn’t changed. 🤯👳🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂. ️working with @buildit.

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