Horror of Corona / COVID19 and our wrongdoings

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It’s fine to show solidarity. It’s fine to follow PM Narendra Modi or not to follow him. It’s fine to do any simple activity of togetherness. it’s fine to applaud for the people standing and fighting in the frontline for us. It is fine to lighten up candles for the cause of showing togetherness in this fight against darkness of COVID. but people remember….

As of now….

1. Total Worldwide count of Corona Patients has reached 1,261,405.

2. Worldwide 68,475 people lost their battle against Corona already.

3. Germany, Russia, China, Cuba & Norway are helping Italy fight this battle against one of the deadliest human virus in recorded history. Let me remind you, Italy is a country with one of the finest Medical systems.

4. There is no remedy or cure for this (as of now).

5. Worldwide Economies have crashed (or are on the verge of).

6. US has (on paper) 331,519 Corona Patients out of 1,743,009 tested.

7. India has (on paper) 3,588 Corona patients out of 128,320 tested, whilst India has population of more than 133.92 Crore (as per 2017 census).

8. India lost a “Padam Shri” (Nirmal Singh) in this battle against Corona. and of course, many more precious lives also.

9. People are not even getting one last chance to see their beloved ones’ bodies.

10. Many people on the frontline are fighting this battle with no PPEs, just for us.

11. Many people (NGOs/ Individuals/ Corporations) are donating their savings to feed the needy.

Sadly, this list increases…

But I have some questions:

What were you thinking when you were arranging gatherings for million?

What were you thinking when you were gone out for a walk just because you were feeling bored?

What were you thinking when you were banging kitchen utensils on the roads? What were you thinking in that hour?

What were you thinking when you lied about your travel history?

What were you thinking when you stocked food as much as possible?

What were you thinking when you stocked to re-sell grains donated specifically to you by NGOs/ Govts. because you said you needed those?

What were you thinking when you gathered people to sing ‘go-corona’?

What were you thinking when you were roaming around in groups with Torches in your hands?

What were you thinking when you were bursting firecrackers for 30 minutes?

Were you happy about all this? Was it your way of mourning death of all the people who lost this battle? Were you not sane enough to think? Were you just tired of getting food for free? Were you tired of not having corona reach your house yet? Were you showing your condolence to the affected families? What were you thinking? or were you even thinking?

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